Social and Public Engagements


Mini Meet and Greet*

Short and enlightening. Meeting for a cup of coffee or a quick cocktail to get a feel for the dynamic and/or as an in-person screening. - $50


Social Time*

Up to 1.5 hours of an activity and socializing in a public setting, i.e. Drinks and dinner, a meet and greet over coffee or happy hour, a movie screening, or attending an art exhibit - $200 / $75 per additional hour. 


Shopaholics Anonymous

A morning, afternoon, or evening shopping spree, at your expense, along with a meal and/or happy hour.

$100 to book 2-4 hours dependant on your credit limit




Social time may be added to any session, to be enjoyed prior to or following a session. Make sure to note your interest in adding to option when you book.

If you have an idea for a social engagement/session package, send an inquiry.

Note: All Tributes are for my time, only.





1 HR $300

1.5 HR $450

2 HR $600

3 HR $800

4 HR $1,000



For extended and overnight experiences or

long-term arrangements,

please inquire via the contact form.


Tips and/or gifts are not required, however,

they are appreciated...



At my discretion.

Subject to additional

tribute and screening.



 All bookings subject to $50 or 20% deposit, whichever is higher.

For deposits, is my

preferred method.

Amazon Gift Cards and Green Dot Money Paks are also accepted.



Make sure that you have read my Booking/Etiquette Page thoroughly, before attempting to book a session...

There may be a quiz...

Dungeon Delights


Your Fantasy

In order to hold your session in

a well-equipped dungeon

instead of a mainstream environment,

book well in advance.



The more notice you provide when booking, the better your chances are of securing the time and date that works best for your schedule.


Please specify when you contact me

a few times and dates that work for you.




My Dream

It is a very long and expensive process to build a personal/private dungeon.

Helping me obtain the necessary equipment for my space or purchasing my everyday needs,

in order to free up funds for me to invest in my brand/future experiences, is very much so appreciated.


If you would like to invest,

You can do so here!