About Me

Greetings Seattle, I am delighted to be back. I have returned from my hiatus, enduring a mainstream life/career, with only a few discreet engagements each year to satisfy my lascivious leanings. My thirsts have not been consistently quenched in years....


After significant rebranding, I am excited to revisit my eternal eccentricities, pursue new experiences and connect with new clients. Apologies for my absence, however, I assure you, I am resuming where I left off, with my unmistakable, trademark command and sinister rule 100% intact.


I have a broad-ranging skill set and extensive professional background. I have expertise in a variety of professions, including small business consulting, executive assisting (life coaching, habit-forming, life-hacking, structure, & strategizing), medical industry skills (focuses in general care, emergency/triage, and phlebotomy), and customer service.


I have an innate penchant for the quintessential Bitch Boss and Humiliatrix roles. I become luminous with glee when presented with an opportunity to exercise my unique brand of chilling craftiness.


Spontaneous public displays of submission (especially of the humiliating variety) and servitude keep my cup full and my teeth bare.


You may fantasize of simply surrendering at the feet of an Authoritative Goddess, or eagerly await punishment for failing to satisfactorily complete your work tasks by an overbearing and emasculating Bitch Boss.


You may be toying with the idea of experimenting with public humiliation, where each week (or even each day for those that can’t get enough) I up the ante, raise the stakes and flirt with your limits until you quiver.



You have one job: impeccable communication. I expect and accept nothing less. Clearly convey your desires, needs, fantasies, and limits, and I will diligently lead you into a world of anticipation, suspense, and exhilaration that you have only experienced as lustful mirages deep in your psyche. The possibilities are limited only as far as your mind can wander and your words can communicate.


Whether you are an inquisitive novice or a trained slave, whatever your speed, you are welcomed and encouraged to explore your most relentless cravings in a discrete, safe, and controlled setting with a wicked and receptive domme.



I look forward to exploring devious proclivities together.


We have a lot of time to make up for...

Shall we begin?



- Miss Ennellette